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If you have ever been mortified by a misprint in your marketing or an error in your email, you are not alone.

While we strive for communications to be clear, impactful, and error free, inadvertent mistakes can be frustrating for the reader and an embarrassment professionally.

When another set of eyes is needed to give your work the final once-over, I can help. I will comb through your writing and zero in on misspellings, redundant words and awkward phrases.

Whether you need ongoing assistance or have a one-time project, I will help you achieve a polished result. The voice and tone of your writing will remain the same. My role is to streamline, refine, and safeguard against errors.


"I relied upon Marylu to edit and vette my novel, Killer Body, for not only structure and grammar, but for the use of technology in today's aircraft. She delivered on all accounts."

Frank Catanzano, Author of Drummer for the Mob, Killer Body, and Killer Body: Retribution

"Marylu Zuk has a keen eye for errors, not just in grammar and mechanics, but in wording and structure as well."

Dr. Christina Fisanick, Associate Professor of English, California University of Pennsylvania, and author of The Optimistic Food Addict: Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder

"I am blown away, this is such great feedback and so detailed. I will make sure to implement all your suggestions and corrections."

Conny Graf, Financial Controller & Certified Clutter Clearing Consultant

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Marylu Zuk

The Grammar Fairy

As a child, when the other kids were outside playing, Marylu Zuk could be found on the porch with her nose in a book. Today, she finds satisfaction in leaving books behind in coffee shops, hotels and airplanes for others to enjoy.

Maryluís passion for all things written, combined with a zeal for nit-picking, served her well professionally as she spent years being the extra-set-of-eyes before marketing materials went to print, websites went live, and presentations were finalized.

Author of the award winning Whose A&& is That? and Inspire: Womenís Stories of Achievement, Encouragement & Influence, Marylu uses her keen eye to help other writers feel confident about their finished product.

Pittsburgh Professinal WomenMarylu is member of Pittsburgh Professional Women and a graduate of PPW's Leadership Academy.